About the Journal

As an institution it has long been our desire to venture into the field of research publications, having taken a lead amongst the private institutions of this province, we have launched our journal with the title Journal of Farkhanda Institute of Nursing And Public Health (JFINPH) in January 2021 which is bi-annual. Interacting with ISSN (print) & ISSN Online, the Ministry of Information and our printers for necessary approvals and permissions has been invigorating.

Knowledge for nursing & Public Health professionals, needs to be independent, unbiased, evidence based and transparent. It has to be readily available for review and should help doctors in making better decisions. Historically, we have relied on print journals, now additionally on online publications together and share our experiences. In spite of their importance in disseminating key health information, medical journals have often had a tenuous existence with a constantly changing spectrum. In this era of scientific development there is a need for research work to be standardized, which can be achieved by careful and stringent peer review. This is what we spare to achieve and the team of JFINPH will spare no effort in attaining the requisite standards. This is just the beginning. We sincerely look forward to and warmly welcome the active participation of the domestic and international experts in the production of our journal.